Expertise and Knowledge

Our over 20 years of experience has enabled Majestic to provide customers with solutions to any problem applications they've encountered.

Performance and Serviceability

From complicated material handling carts, hospital beds and advanced diagnostic equipment, to production equipment in harsh environments, Majestic has the solution.

Competitive Prices

With the most competitive prices on the market, we ask that our customers allow us to evaluate their caster needs and make our recommendations before purchasing elsewhere.

Our over 20 years of caster expertise and knowledge has enabled
Majestic to provide customers with solutions to any problem
applications they've encountered.

  • Material Handling Industry

    Casters, like most day-to-day items, are often overlooked—until they don’t work. From carts to production lines to work stations, there are many applications within a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant that utilize them. So if you haven’t replaced a caster in a while, the time is likely coming. Let us help you choose the right one for your application and environment to keep you rolling.

  • The Automotive Sector

    Casters play a tremendously large role in automotive manufacturing environments where carts are consistently used. Whether manually pushed/pulled or towed, implementing the proper caster solution for your application can help increase mobility, reduce maintenance costs and help prevent employee injuries caused by over exertion, noise, etc.

  • Medical Applications

    To understand the importance of using the right casters on medical equipment in a healthcare environment where patients, carts and sensitive equipment are constantly ushered to various rooms, crossing multiple floors types and traveling long distances, it is imperative to consider the performance and failure rates of casters when evaluating replacement casters. Selecting the right casters makes a positive impact to a variety of key areas including longevity of equipment and enhanced workplace ergonomics. The right casters improve efficiency and productivity and, in turn, ROI.

  • Theatrical Uses

    The actuality in the entertainment industry is that you cannot afford your equipment to fail. Moving large props, equipment and sets must be done quietly, without marking or damaging floors. In addition, equipment needs to be moved swiftly and easily with a minimum of force to keep your stage crew and actors safe and efficient. All of these factors should be considered when buying casters for your production. Durable, non-marking casters can make your stage or set a better environment so that you can get on with the show.

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I thought I'd drop you a line and let you know that it's been 7 years (!) since you very kindly helped me out with the casters for my musical equipment cart.

The cart finally gave out. But my casters are going strong! I purchased a new cart and the wheel plate measured out the same. I simply brought the new cart home and attached the casters to the new deck. Please see the attached picture.

I have used and abused these casters - the cart has been used to haul some very heavy loads and the cracking on the deck tells the tale even though this is just an inexpensive cart. The casters have been dragged through many puddles, over gravel and grass and rough cobblestone surfaces. I spun my casters when I had them off and they are working perfectly. I wish I could give you more business but the casters are too good! Maybe they'll fail in another 7 years!

I use these carts every week and I remember the favour you did for me, having me over and adapting the casters to my cart.

Nick, Musician